Charitable Giving and Holiday Decor

There are few things at Christmas time that make a home feel more in the spirit of the season than the scent of genuine pine. This can be from a beautiful Christmas tree or it can come from a door wreath or table display. Some of the best wreaths in the country today are those that are made from the tips of genuine Maine pine trees. These wreaths, crafted from the products of cold northern forests are renowned for their deep green shades and the aromatic pine scent they exude.

The Worcester Wreath Company is located deep in the heart of these forests and they are one of the premier creators of holiday wreaths. They sell handcrafted wreaths that come from the trees of their very own forests. This is a process that is environmentally sound and actually allows the trees to be trimmed to remain healthier. Their finished products are not just shipped across the country, but during the holiday season are adorning tables and doors around the world.

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This is a wreath company that has not just dedicated their time to selling and shipping christmas wreaths but have also used their products for more. They are also well known as the Founders of Wreaths Across America. This charitable program may have started small, but today it is a country-wide celebration of the brave men and women who gave their lives to support the cause of freedom. The program ensures that all of the graves at Arlington National Cemetery are decorated with a wreath during Christmas, a simple way to ensure that the person beneath the headstone is remembered and appreciated for the sacrifice they made.

What began as a way to way to use surplus wreaths without allowing them to go to waste has become an annual tradition that brings communities together and works as a valuable lesson for schoolchildren. The company is proud of what they and thousands of volunteers across the country have been able to accomplish and they hope to continue to help communities all over the United States to remember their soldiers as well.

If you are interested in hearing more about Wreaths Across America or in learning more about where you can get a beautiful wreath for your home, check out the website at They are always happy to have more volunteers help to spread their message and are equally as pleased to be a part of every family’s holiday celebration.


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